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This is a marketing communication.


assignments have been brought to a successful conclusion.

Put a bit of pressure on friends
who owe you money.

facebook connection It’s fast, safe and easy.
I don’t use Facebook.

Who owes you

Who owes you

Choose a Facebook contact.

    How much
    does owe you?

    Where can I
    find ?

    Add a photo of someone (or something) is fond of.

    (friend, partner, pet, toy...)

    I confirm that this photo does no harm to anyone and complies with all conditions

    Only Belgian numbers

    I confirm
    that I want to put under pressure.

    Pay back quickly and without complications.

    Use Easy transfer from the Easy banking app to pay back your friends via their mobile phone number.

    Discover the app here

    Easy banking is an additional
    PC banking service. Service only for persons older than 18.